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Item Property

The Item property returns the specified object from the collection.

Syntax :

objElements.Item( Index )

Name Type RO / RW Object
Item Variant Read Only Containers
Parameters :
Name Type In / Out Required / Optional Description
Index Variant In Required The ordinal index (Long) or the unique identifier (String) of the object to retrieve.
Return Value :

On successful return an object. 

Details :

The Item property is intended for use with For loops, or to retrieve a specific object in the collection. If you simply want to enumerate the collection, you can use the _NewEnum property in the standard way. With Scripting Language, use of this property is automatic within For Each In constructs. The collection ordinal index always ranges from 1 to the value returned by the Count property.

The Properties collection is only indexed with the identifier of the property, you can't retrieve a property by an ordinal position.
The Recipients collection is only indexed with the ordinal index, you can't retrieve a entry with the unique identifier of the entry.

Example :
Dim objElements, objContact

Set objContact = objElements.Item(1)