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Open Method

The Open method open a new session on the WAB.

Syntax :

objSession.Open( [EnableProfiles] [, FileName] [, parentWindow] )

Applies To : Session

Parameters :
Name Type In / Out Required / Optional Description
EnableProfiles Boolean In Optional If True (the default), open the WAB with an identity. If no identity is already open, the Identity Manager is launch to prompt the user to choose an indentity.
If False, the WAB is open without an identity.
FileName String In Optional This parameter can be used to select a particular WAB file. By default this parameter is an empty string and the default WAB file is open.
parentWindow Long In Optional Specifies the parent window handle for the dialog box. A value of zero (the default) specifies that the dialog box should be application-modal. A value of 1 specifies that the currently active window is to be used as the parent window.
Return Value :


Details :
Example :
Dim objSession